Medical Billing Connection


All aspects of insurance billing. Medicare, Medi-Cal, Workers' Comp, PI, Med-Pay, Liens, etc..


Follow-up is regularly performed both from software-generated reports and EOBs received from Provider's office.


You will receive an Income Report and an A/R Report each month.

Medical Billing Connection?

After your patients' care, the most important aspect of your business is your billing. Outsourcing your billing allows you and your staff to devote time to your patients' care and the growth of your practice, leaving the burden of your billing to the professionals whose only focus is getting you paid.

Medical Billing Connection provides complete medical billing and practice management to ensure optimal billing and reimbursement to Providers nationwide. With MBC, expect great service AND great results!

Focusing On: Recovery/Treatment Centers; Diagnostic Billing; Work Comp; PI

Other Areas of Expertise: Internal Medicine; Podiatry; Physical Therapy; Cardiology; PM&R; Pediatrics; Pain Management; MRI/Radiology

Rehab and Recovery Billing DONE RIGHT: As one of the few medical billing companies around with the know-how to bill for recovery and rehab centers and behavioral health, MBC prides themselves on excelling in the insurance billing and reimbursement realized by our clients.  Our knowledge and expertise in chemical dependency, detox and dual-diagnoses speaks volumes when it comes to billing the insurance companies, either on behalf of the facility, for patient repayment, or both, and shines through when it comes to reimbursement.  With this type of medical insurance billing, it is critical to first ensure proper verification followed by proper coding.  MBC has successfully mastered this feat.

MBC has successfully obtained insurance reimbursement for our self-pay clients and has opened the door for us to accept all insurance clients as well. ~ Morningside Recovery Center


Electronic Medical Records


How does AARA really work?

Can I really get $44,000 for using an EMR?

How can an EMR really help me?

Can an EMR really be easy to implement and use?

How can I connect to other doctors?

Where can I get a low cost ePrescribe tool?


You have questions.

We have answers.


Medical Billing Connection (MBC) & Mitochon Systems, a member of IBM Partner World, have joined to offer a Best-in-Class EMR & ePrescribe tool to MBC physicians for FREE! And MITOCHON IS CERTIFIED mEMR/mConnect/mPHR!!


Our EMR will help you bill faster, more accurately and raise reimbursement rates.. and QUALIFY FOR STIMULUS FUNDING.



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