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Recovery House Austin TX

Recovery House Austin TX

Substance addiction ranks among the most dangerous mental conditions, due to its devastating long-term effects, as well as the fact that it has no cure. At Harmony Haus, we invite you to our recovery house in Austin, Texas, for extensive treatment and recovery support.

What are the dangers of addiction?

Substance addiction delivers extensive physiological side-effects, making it a high-risk chronic disease. It is progressive, deadly, and it can trigger other health issues along the way if left untreated. Furthermore, you can’t self-treat the problem. You might do so with other illnesses, but not substance addiction.

What makes this disease unique is the fact that it alters the victim’s perception of reality, which will lead to extreme behavioral changes. As patients become more erratic, paranoiac, and even aggressive, they will turn into a threat to themselves and others around them. In this situation, an inpatient rehab treatment is the only solution.

We would argue that it’s far from an ideal one. During the inpatient program, you will go through extensive detox and stabilization, as experts will flush the substance from your system, allowing your body to recover and heal. At the same time, you will participate in various therapeutic programs, with the purpose of stabilizing your psychological functioning and prevent the relapse. Our position is that the rehab is only half of the recovery treatment, with the other half consisting of recovery homes.

What are recovery houses?

A recovery house in Austin, Texas, is a place where you come either during or after completing the rehab to prepare for social reintegration. While the rehab treatment is your only hope for a drug and alcohol-free life, it does have its noticeable downs to look out for. The most visible one is that it doesn’t really prepare you to take care of yourself once you return home. Not practically anyway.

All you’ll get is theoretical support, which works good enough, but not great. Our recovery homes will fill that gap by teaching you personal responsibility, confidence, social behavior, and essential life skills to help you succeed as an individual. At our recovery houses, you will abide by strict internal regulations and learn to slowly retake control over your life in all aspects.

How do you avoid relapsing?

Only experts will teach you the best strategy to remain clean for years to come. While the relapse is normal and manageable during the rehab treatment, it becomes unacceptable and dangerous once you return home. At that point, you will have no control mechanism other than your own willpower. And that’s precisely what we will be helping you with.

At our recovery house in Austin, Texas, our mission is to help people like you retake control over their emotions, behavior, and natural impulses. The cravings will never go away, but we’ll teach you how to move beyond them. The team at Ascent Adaptation strives to help you grow into a more mature and responsible person. Contact us today and ask for details about our program! We can set an appointment on the spot.

Recovery House Austin TX
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