MPN Credentialing, Workers Comp and Personal Injury Billing

MPN Credentialing:

As a result of the new rulings surrounding Workers’ Comp, MBC knows how critical it is to be credentialed in the MPNs in order to be reimbursed.  Too much time and money is lost as a result of non-compliance in this area.  Medical Office Resources, the credentialing and specialized forms division of MBC, is the go-to place to ensure you are covered and protected from start to finish, allowing for the reimbursement you have worked so hard for. 

Workers’ Compensation:

Medical Billing Connection offers several years of experience in processing Workers’ Comp claims.  We are readily familiar with Utilization Review Guidelines, Labor Codes, and the OMFS.  We pride ourselves in knowing all aspects of billing for Workers’ Compensation, while keeping up with new legislation and payment guidelines.  MBC ensures that you are getting paid for your services.

Personal Injury:

Medical Billing Connection offers a specialized Personal Injury Department.  Providers lose a lot of revenue when they don’t know the right questions to ask.  We make sure that our providers realize the reimbursement that are due them.  In addition, MBC can offer expert advice and customized forms to ensure profitability.