Recovery Center & Rehab Billing (Substance Abuse/Eating Disorder)

Some services are harder to track and bill correctly. You need a trusted partner to help make sure that you are paid for the services you render.

As one of the few medical billing companies around with the know-how and skill set to bill for substance abuse/eating disorder recovery and rehab centers, MBC prides themselves on excelling in the insurance billing and reimbursement realized by our clients.  Our knowledge and expertise in chemical dependency, detox, dual-diagnoses and eating disorders speaks volumes when it comes to billing the insurance companies, either on behalf of the facility, for patient repayment, or both, and shines through when it comes to reimbursement.  With this type of medical insurance billing, it is critical to first ensure proper verification of benefits, followed by proper coding.  MBC has successfully proven they do recovery center billing right.