Claims Management

Insurance Billing / Claims Management:

Medical Billing Connection builds and transmits your claims electronically within 24 business hours of receiving the data from your office.  Methods of getting your information to MBC are in the form of an EMR system, faxing superbills, courier, email or regular mail.  Any Workers’ Compensation claims and/or PI claims that do not transmit electronically will be dropped to paper.  We handle all secondary claims as well!

Patient Billing:

In addition to your insurance billing, patients have as much responsibility to pay their bills as their insurance companies do.  Medical Billing Connection helps your office stay on top of this aspect of your income so you are not put in the oftentimes uncomfortable position of dealing with your patients when it comes to this.  Our toll-free number appears on all patient statements for any patient inquiry.

Claim Tracking and Follow-up:

Follow-up is regularly performed both from software-generated reports and EOBs received from our Provider’s office or via electronic method.   It’s all about the follow-up and follow-through!  MBC handles it all.

As a business owner, you need to know when income can be expected; without that knowledge, your business can suffer serious cash flow issues.

At Medical Billing Connection, we understand how difficult it can be without the right information; so, we dedicate a skilled Medical Billing Representative to help track track claims and take on the worry for you.

Now you can focus on the important part of your business… happy patients.