Medical Billing Connection Media

Medical Billing Connection was a booth participant at the National Conference of Addiction Disorders in Anaheim, California on September of 2013.  We provided information regarding the importance of Recovery Facility billing done right from the point of verification of benefits to UR and Authorization, and payments of the claim.  MBC specializes in rehab/recovery center billing and, as one of the few medical billing companies around with the know-how to bill for recovery and rehab centers, MBC prides themselves on excelling in the insurance billing and reimbursement realized by our clients. Our knowledge and expertise in chemical dependency, detox and dual-diagnoses speaks volumes when it comes to billing the insurance companies, either on behalf of the facility, for patient repayment, or both, and shines through when it comes to reimbursement. MBC has successfully mastered this feat.

As you know, when dealing with insurance companies, there are no guarantees of payment; however, the success you have in reimbursement is increased when billed properly by professionals who know the in’s and out’s of billing… proper coding, knowing the questions to ask, this type of knowledge can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to collecting your money. That’s what we’re here to do for you. We have a long-standing reputation of successful collections for our clients.
The difference is our service and dedication… Call MBC today to make the difference for you!

NCAD Convention, August 2014 in St Louis Mo