Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does EMR affect my using MBC as a billing/claims management company?

A.  Yes, EMR is beneficial in so many ways.  But it does not guarantee your claims will get paid.  The only required criteria is that you continue using your EMR system for the electronic records portion.  However, the need for experienced, qualified professionals remains critical.  That’s where MBC comes in.  We are just what the Doctor ordered… a professional, skilled Claims Management team ensuring your claims are first coded properly, then followed by the most important part:  follow-up and follow-through!  

      In today’s economy, insurance companies try harder than ever to make sure your claims are not paid.  It takes the right team with the right knowledge and experience to ensure your claims are paid.  No matter the EMR system you choose, MBC has the capabilities to access that system and manage your claims from point of procedure coding all the way to proper payment.   All this and a substantial savings to your bottom line when you outsource… NO employee overhead; NO staff turnover issues to deal with; NO software-tech support charges, etc.  A WIN-WIN.

Q.  How do we get the necessary information to you?

There are several ways for your office to send in your billing, including the following:

  1. Standard Mail – just place your documents into a secured envelope and mail to our main office.
  2. Fax/Email – the quickest way to get your billing to us! Just fax or email each completed document to our office (after each visit, at the end of each day, once per week, etc).
  3. Priority Mail – it’ll get to Medical Billing Connection in just 2-3 days!
  4. Federal Express Services – offers many different deals to small business owners. Establish your own account quickly and easily today.
  5. For more info just go to

Q.  How often should we send our new billing to you?

A. As often as you choose to.  We personally recommend, however, that our clients send us their billing consistently on either a daily or weekly basis.

Q.  What information is needed in order for your office to generate a claim on our behalf?

A. We normally require the following (may vary):

  1. New Patient Information Form
  2. A copy of the patient’s insurance card (front and back)
  3. The patient’s sueprbill, treatment form, or day sheet

Q.  How do we report when treatments are rendered, so that you are able to generate a claim on our behalf?

A. We must receive a completed superbill, treatment form, or day sheet.  If your practice does not currently use this type of form, we can custom design one for you.

Q.  Do we have to report the insurance payments received in our office to you?

A.  Yes!  It is vital to your practice that we receive this information, so that we can enter the insurance carrier’s payments and generate the necessary patient statements for those accounts which still may have a balance due.  You can copy and mail these remittances, send them via fax, or even scan them and send it electronically!

Q.  What happens if we accidentally omitted any of the information contained on the required forms, and we already sent them to your office?

A.  You will receive a report indicating that the claim does not contain enough information to be processed by the carrier, listing exactly what is missing, which is normally faxed to your office immediately.  We do this as a courtesy to you and your staff, to assist in gathering the information quickly, and to avoid timely filing deadlines that are imposed by many insurance carriers.

Q.  How do we report payments received from our patients, for both co-payments and patient billing?

A.  You can easily report a patient’s co-payment, made at the time of service, on their superbill, treatment form, or day sheet for that day’s treatments. You can also report all of the patient’s payments, received in the mail by making a copy of the check and attaching it to their patient statement remittance (if returned).

Q.  How often will our patients be billed?

A.  Any patient in our system will receive a bill for any balance due, once a payment has been received by their insurance carrier, on a monthly basis.  Payment Plans can be easily accommodated.

Q.  How do you handle non-payments from an insurance carrier?  (denials, etc.)

A.  We must first determine if the denial, whether in part or in full, is valid.  If the denial is valid, it must be written off.  If the denial is not valid, as in many of the cases, we will request that the carrier reprocess the claim, obtaining and submitting any carrier-requested documentation to support the claim.

Q.  How do you handle non-payments from a patient?

A.  We will send out no more than two statements and one demand letter before turning a patient over to collections.

Q.  Do we have to collect every co-payment?

A.  YES, you should!  Not doing so is considered to be fraud and/or abuse, and it is also a possible violation of the contract entered between the patient and their insurance carrier…and even the provider and their own contract with the insurance carrier!

Q.  We prefer to bill our own patient’s, but we are interested in obtaining insurance claim processing services from you.  Does your company offer this service?

A.  We sure do!  Please keep in mind, however, patient billing is best performed by your biller who already has access to all account balances and other additional information.  If we are already handling the insurance end of things, it only makes sense to let our system automatically generate the statements for you.

Q. How many clients are you equipped to handle?

A.  Our staff size is able to meet the needs and volume of our own business.  We will consider any practice, regardless of their size, and ensure that we will be prepared to handle all of our clients needs in that process.

Q. Why do you charge a registration fee (set up)?

A.  When you first contract for our services there will be many procedures that need to be followed.  This can include getting you set up with our clearinghouse, with the carriers, creating in-house forms, establishing your fee schedule, and creating your database… just to name a few.  We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy providing these services to you, all of which take place before generating your first claim, and feel that we should be fairly compensated for doing so.

Q. Why will you not accept a superbill that is missing information, instead of just looking up the patient’s history in the system?

A.  This is considered fraud and abuse!  All of the required information must be included on the superbill; we cannot “guess” or “assume” on your behalf exactly what services you provided, etc.

Q. Can you code our superbills for us?

A.  There are situations where coding can be provided.

Q.  What specialties do you bill for?

A.  We specialize in billing… including but not limited to, Physical Therapy, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Podiatry, Ophthalmology, Pain Management, and more.  Because we are a professional billing service, we can accommodate most any specialty.

Q.  How fast can you get us up and running?

A.  We can start immediately!  Generally, it can take an average time of one to two weeks, depending on the individual circumstances surrounding each client.  We can give you a more specific time period once we have had the opportunity to analyze your individual practice.

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