Medical Billing, San Diego

San Diego is home to a good number of rehabilitation and recovery facilities.  These centers provide a full range of services from physical, occupational to speech therapy as well as rehabilitation and recovery from various addictions and disorders. While rehabilitation and recovery centers offer these services to help patients achieve their goals, it is nonetheless a business.medical billing san diego


For a business to become successful, it is imperative that there is a healthy cash flow to fulfill operational costs and maintain standards of service.  However, focusing and streamlining the medical billing process can take away time from the practice itself. Time spent in accounting and paperwork can be used more productively, such as focusing on patients and growing a client base.


When it comes to recovery centers and rehab billing, ensuring proper billing and claims management needs particular focus. Some services are harder to track and bill correctly, so it is critical to ensure proper verification of benefits, followed by proper coding. However, in San Diego very few firms specialize in recovery and rehab medical billing. Very few actually have the expertise and skill set to bill various programs that include chemical dependency, substance abuse, detox, dual-diagnoses and eating disorders.


This is where Medical Billing Connection in San Diego comes in. We are your partner when it comes to medical billing and accounts-receivable management. Our firm has a proven record of accomplishment in medical insurance/claims management. Our billing practitioners have years of experience in billing insurance companies, either on behalf of the facility, for patient repayment or both.  We have experienced specialists in the field of medical coding, billing and accounts resolution. They ensure patients and insurance companies are accurately billed and that accounts reconciliation of receivables is done timely and efficiently.


Furthermore, our highly trained staff makes sure that special circumstances involving MPN Credentialing, Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Claims are processed correctly and expediently for faster claims and reimbursements. With continuous learning, we are able to keep up with the changes in policies and rulings so we can give our clients up-to-date information as well as improve our process as needed.


When it comes to medical billing in San Diego, Medical Billing Connection is committed to offering excellent service to the rehabilitation and recovery industry. What we offer is a solid partnership that can help our clients reduce cost, increase cash flow and grow their business while doing what they do best, helping patients achieve goals and improve lives!

Medical Billing, Oceanside

Medical Billing Process

Medical Billing Oceanside, California

Medical Billing Oceanside, California

Medical billing is time consuming and tedious, however it is an essential part of any medical practice, recovery or rehab clinic. After all, revenue is what keeps the practice going and allows healthcare practitioners to continue helping patients.  For this reason, many healthcare providers seek for a trustworthy medical billing company such as Medical Billing Connection in Oceanside, California.

The use of EMR’s allows practitioners ensure that data is recorded and indicated in the patient’s billing. This does not guarantee payment. This is where medical billers and encoders come in. The medical billing company records the patient’s procedures, diagnoses and treatments. They use numerous codes and processes claims for the insurance company and ensure payment.

Medical practitioners, hospitals, rehabilitation and recovery companies depend on highly qualified and skilled medical insurance billers, coders and claims management personnel to record, track and manage payments.


Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Hospitals and larger medical clinics may have their own medical billing department to process claims and payment. This can be quite costly, amounting to about $35,000 per year, plus benefits for one medical billing practitioner alone. For this reason, majority of medical practitioners, clinics and facilities depend on medical billing and claims companies to reduce cost. According to studies, outsourcing medical billing services can increase revenue form 5% to 30%.

Outsourcing medical billing services also allows physicians and healthcare providers to focus on patients instead of the intricacies of the billing and claims process. Outsourcing these services allows for more time and allows practitioners to do what they do best, help their patients.

Lastly, having highly trained medical billers and claims processors reduces billing errors and speeds up turn around time, ensuring that claims get processed on time and payments are received. Having a qualified company focus on accurate processing of accounts ensures minimal audit risk and absolute HIPAA compliance.


Medical Billing, Oceanside

Medical Billing Connection in Oceanside, California provides billing and claims management, an invaluable service for many health care providers, rehabilitation and recovery centers in the area. We offer a partnership, not just a service or product.

In addition to processing insurance billing, claims management and claims tracking and follow-up, Medical Billing Connection helps practitioners ensure patients are billed properly. This helps a doctor’s office stay on top of this aspect of income without being in an uncomfortable position of dealing with patients when it comes to billing and payment concerns. We have toll-free number appears on all patient statements for any patient inquiry.

Medical Billing Connection, is an established medical billing service provider in Oceanside. We understand what it takes to make sure the billing and revenue side of your business is a success. Now you can focus on the important part … having happy patients.

All Medicare Provider and Supplier Payments to be Made by Electronic Funds Transfer

As part of CMS’s revalidation efforts, all suppliers and providers who are not currently receiving EFT payments are required to submit the CMS-588 EFT form with the Provider Enrollment Revalidation application, or at the time any change is being made to the provider enrollment record by the provider, supplier or delegated official.

Emergency March 2012 Update, Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (MCTRJCA) to the CY 2012 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) Database

This article was revised on March 29, 2012, to correct a reference to the CR. In the “What you Need to Know Section”, the article referenced CR 7677 instead of CR 7767. All other information is the same. Please review and share with your staff.

Are You Ready for the New Work Comp Coding Requirements??

Yes, new coding requirements are being implemented by all Work Comp payers, making billing even more complicated than it already is!  Don’t get caught off guard and without money coming in the door… be sure your billing is being managed by a knowledgeable company so your reimbursement is realized… a company like MBC!  We are ready, willing and, most importantly, able to manage your claims!

2012 Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Payment Adjustment: Assessment and

Eligible professionals who met the eRx payment adjustment inclusion
criteria, but who failed to meet the reporting requirements in 2011, may
receive the 2012 eRx payment adjustment starting January 1, 2012. The 2012
eRx payment adjustment for not being a successful electronic prescriber
will result in an eligible professional or group practice participating in
eRx GPRO receiving 99 percent (one percent less) of their Medicare Part B
Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) amount that would otherwise apply to such
services. Please share with appropriate staff.

President Obama Signs the Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of

On December 23, 2011, President Obama signed into law the Temporary Payroll
Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011 (TPTCCA). This new law prevents a
scheduled payment cut for physicians and other practitioners who treat
Medicare patients from taking effect immediately. Please be sure to share
this information with appropriate staff since this law affects many aspects
of the Medicare program.

Congress Passes Two Month Rate Freeze

Thanks to all the political pressure, including those of you who reached out to your Representatives this week, the House Republicans joined the rest of the House to pass the Senate bill extending the payroll tax cut for two months. This bill also freezes the current Medicare rates and avoids the 27% cut (at least until March).
The President is expected to sign the bill today. This means that a House-Senate conference committee will be established to negotiate a longer-term patch on the payroll tax cut and the Medicare payment rate. House leaders have already named the members of that committee (below). Senate appointees will be made in the coming week or so.
For us this means Medicare reimbursement rates will be frozen at current rates and the 27% cut scheduled for January will not take effect until March unless a new deal is reached between now and then. However, the therapy cap exceptions process is not part of this two month bill and as of now still expires January 1. Therefore, we will need to lobby the conference committee to include it in the year-long package.

Relaxation of Version 5010 Testing Review Requirement

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on Friday, December 23, that it would allow Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) to have the ability to relax the testing review requirement stated in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 24 General EDI and EDI Support Requirements, Section 50.5 EDI Testing Accuracy.  This announcement allows trading partners to request transition into version 5010 production status without the full review of electronic test claims.


CMS announces policy, payment rate changes for the Physician Fee Schedule in 2012

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) today issued a final rule with comment period that updates payment policies and rates for physicians and nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) for services paid under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) in calendar year (CY) 2012. More than 1 million providers of vital health services to Medicare beneficiaries – including physicians, limited license practitioners such as podiatrists, and NPPs such as nurse practitioners and physical therapists – are paid under the MPFS. CMS projects that total payments under the MPFS in CY 2012 will be approximately $80 billion.  (go to link below for more info)