About Medical Billing Connection

Medical Billing Connection Oceanside OfficeMedical Billing Connection's Office ComplexMedical Billing Connection is located in Oceanside, California. Established in 1999, Medical Billing Connection is a complete medical insurance/claims management company providing medical billing and accounts-receivable management services to healthcare providers Nationwide!

Medical Billing Connection is fully staffed and has over 45 years’ combined experience in healthcare and billing. We are a professional medical billing company well-versed in all specialties. The difference is our service… Let Medical Billing Connection make the difference for you!

MBC’s staff has years of experience in billing and accounts receivables to ensure revenue cycle optimization. Our seasoned team handles your account from start to finish to include the handling of correspondence, appeals, patient account inquiries, and follow-up/follow-through.

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MBC has proven itself to be quite a valued member of our team, and I highly recommend that you make them part of yours. ~ Bay Recovery Center